Who we are and why we do what we do.
tell.connect is brought to you by Tell Money Limited.

We are an organisation comprised of successful founders, leaders and experts in the FinTech space. Between the team we have been responsible for founding, running and selling a range of businesses including e-money issuers, global payment processors, challenger banking services, prepaid programme management, and open banking specialists, as well as delivering board-level advisory services and innovative technology solutions into the banking and financial technology markets.

Why choose tell.

We love technology and have spent years applying technical innovation to the financial services sector. Long before the term FinTech became popular, we were building solutions designed to reduce cost and increase customer loyalty. Who better to provide your solution than people who know what you do, how to solve your problems and, most importantly, enjoy doing it?


Our mission is to make technology less painful... We know this sounds cheesy, but some context may help. For many years working with companies across the globe, we have been repeatedly told how hard technology is and why things take months if not years to get done. We don’t believe this and have gone on to prove them wrong every time. We believe our approach makes us a pleasure to work with, and that in turn provides the means to continue doing what we love.

does it.

Quite simply we are a team of natural problem solvers. We approach each project as a member of you organisation. We will learn to understand your unique constraints and where you need to be. From there the fun starts and we begin to devise a solution which meets your needs. This is where tell.connect was born.