The Open Banking Lite Platform

What is

tell.connect is a complete API interface solution for enabling ASPSPs to comply to the requirement for a dedicated interface, and to build upon the new PSD2 regulations with minimal complexity and at a price that is truly affordable.

Focusing on minimising the required investment of both time and money to comply with the regulations means you can focus on how in the future you can utilise open banking to compete.

Learning valuable lessons on how PSD2 and open banking can help you is part of the journey and tell.connect is here to make the first step an easy one.


tell. Gateway

Solid, Scalable and Disaster Recovery Built in

In order to provide a flexible, completely scalable, highly resilient API solution, we chose to take full advantage of cloud architecture. While it utilises the cloud, it has been built entirely supplier agnostic and can be run as a server-based solution. The main advantage of this method is that we can keep your costs as low as possible, which is ultimately why we built tell.connect in the first place.

Each API endpoint is intelligently routed to proprietary microservices which handle authentication, validation & mapping. As the code is completely proprietary we know what it does and how it works inside and out, which is key to ensuring the integrity and security of both your platform and your consumers data.

tell. TPP Management

Managing Third Party Providers can be expensive with little or no direct commercial benefit

The relationship between you the ASPSP and the myriad of third-party providers (TPPs) can often be an expensive and unrewarding one.

Its vitally important therefore that it is handled effectively to minimise the amount of time and resource you spending supporting TPPs when they are interacting with your business.

tell.connect has worked on TPP platforms for large banks and has supported a number of TPPs directly while working with large institutional banks. We know what they need and how best to provide them the services they need, quickly and effectively.


tell. TPP Validation & Verification

How? Don’t worry we do that as well

TPP validation & verification has proven to be one of the most confusing and complicated areas of PSD2.

TPPs are required to authenticate themselves, if they wish to gain access to any part of a an ASPSPs eco-system and in turn all ASPSPs are required to perform details validation of a TPPs authenticity and permissions, to ensure no unregulated party is access secure data online.

tell.connect has gone through the hard work required to clarify the regulations and built a proprietary validation service which doesn’t rely on yet another third party organisation that invariably will increase the costs.

Branded Customisable Developer Portal.

An off the shelf developer portal completely customisable. All part of managing your TPP relationships effectively.
Branded, Customisable & Hassle Free

All TPP support in one place

Assuring that your TPPs are supported, tell.connect has created a customisable developer portal.

Your dedicated portal can be up and running within minutes, and acts as your public-facing compliant PSD2 window. Want to run it and build upon it yourself? Well that’s easy too!

Documentation a breeze.

Open API 3.0.0 Restful Specifications Online

All the specifications for your tell.connect PSD2 APIs are available to view, test and download by your TPPs.

This allows you to meet the PSD2 requirement to make your APIs readily available.

Reporting & Stats Online

Complete Transparency

It’s not enough to simply provide an API. Your remit as an ASPSP is to provide as little friction as possible to the process of accessing your data in a secure manner.

Our platform achieves this, and also provides all the compliancy publishable statistics.

Reporting & Statistics

Why manage another complex set of data, tell.connect will do it all for you.
Detailed, Comprehensive & Real-time

Business Management & KPI

Getting ready for the next phase of open banking PSD2 requires data, and lots of it. We can provide all of the data you need about what is happening through your gateway for instance...

• What TPPs are doing and why.
• Consumer uptake of TPP services.

tell.connect provides a comprehensive suite of reports which can be customised for you to give you the business intelligence you need to plan how you can utilise open banking in the future.

Compliance Reporting couldn’t be simpler

Regulatory Compliance Reports

As an Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSP), you have obligations to make statistics available to respective national authorities and open banking authorities to monitor compliance with PSD2/RTS.

The tell.connect solution takes care of this for you. Our system automatically generates the performance and volumetric data that you need to for reporting to the FCA or other local regulatory authority. As well as the data we provide you for your quarterly reporting,

tell.connect also automatically publishes all required statistics to your dedicated portal. By way of overview, the data sets include:

• Availability of the API and each endpoint / service
• Daily statistics on the daily average time (in milliseconds) taken, per request, for the ASPSP to respond to user

For more information on reporting requirements visit the FCA links below, or other relevant local regulatory authority.

FCA Reporting

tell. Custom Integration

You already have the data. Now let us wrap it up and deliver it for you.

The tell.connect team are integration specialists and have worked with companies around the globe, performing integrations with a plethora of financial platforms.

While we are happy to work the way you want to, our customers generally prefer to let us do the heavy lifting calling your existing API suite or directly communicating with your payment processors.

All of the data mapping, filtering and conversion of data types is done within tell.connect, minimising the amount of work you have to do to have a PSD2 complaint API in no time.